Swimming squads

The swimming squad structure at TRAC is a multi-level program developed to provide all members of the community with the opportunity to enjoy the sport of swimming. It also provides an athlete pathway for more serious swimmers wanting to compete.

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Squad training at Kingscliff Centre

Training pathways

The programs are designed to provide swimming instruction and training for a diverse range of swimming disciplines including:

  • general stroke correction and fitness
  • competitive swimming pathway, including schools swimming and club participation in Swimming Australia competitions
  • surf life saving
  • surf sports
  • open water
  • triathlon
  • ocean swimming
  • water polo
  • masters swimming.

Head swim coach - Gavin Urquhart

Our head swim coach, Gavin Urquhart, and his team have extensive knowledge of swim coaching and provide a broad range of programs with a structured progression for swimmers, focusing on the fundamentals of swimming.

Gavin has 20 years of swim coaching experience including:

  • 13 years age group coaching
  • 3 years national open coaching
  • 2 years Malaysian National Head Coach
  • 4 years Indonesian swimming consultant to the head coach.

Many young swimmers have progressed through to the squad program after finishing their final level of the TRAC Learn to Swim program. Many also continue on to swim at competition level either in the pool or the surf.

Squad program tiers

The squad program is divided into 2 tiers (levels): 

Junior Development Squad

Our first level of Swimming Squad following on from the TRAC Learn to Swim program with an aim to improve aquatic strength and swimming technique in a fun and enthusiastic environment.

State Squad

These sessions are more intense and are focused on athletes aspiring to compete at the State or National Age levels of swimming in any discipline.

Swimmers move through these levels based on their ability in the water and also on their application of training principles.

Contact TRAC to arrange an assessment.

All swimmers are encouraged to participate at swim club level, at local surf clubs and triathlon clubs to further develop their skills.

For local club information visit:

Squad training fees

All squad fees include pool entry.

  • Casual squad visit: $15
  • 10 visit squad pass (valid 7 weeks): $120
  • 20 visit squad pass (valid 8 weeks): $200
  • 60 visit squad pass (valid 4 months): $480
  • 12 month squad pass: $1,718
    • An instalment plan can be organised with TRAC (first payment of $140)
    • account must stay paid 1 month in advance
    • payments made in person at TRAC.


All squads must be booked in advance, see the timetable below for available sessions.

The State Squads are linked into the NSW and Queensland Pool swimming and surf competitions schedules. In the event that the majority of swimmers are attending a competition, State Squad may be cancelled (depending on the number of existing bookings).

Please check that your contact details are up to date so that we can contact you if a squad needs to be cancelled.

TRAC squad members are invited to book between 9 am - 5 pm Monday to Friday by contacting the centre directly (Murwillumbah, Kingscliff or Tweed Heads South). Spaces are capped in our squads and we operate on a first in first served basis.

You must have a valid swim squad pass at time of booking to secure your place.


There are no squads on public holidays.
* Indicates that squad does not operate during the school holidays.

These are general squad times only, please refer to squad brochures for changes to the timetable during school holidays or call one of our pools directly.


  State Junior Surf / Tri / Adult
Monday 5:30 am - 7 am

4:30 pm - 5:45 pm *
7 am - 8 am  

3:30 pm - 4:30 pm *
Tuesday 4:30 pm - 5:45 pm
School hols 3:30 pm - 5 pm
7 am - 8 am

3:30 pm - 4:30 pm *
5:45 pm - 6:45 pm
Wednesday 5:30 am - 7 am  

3:30 pm - 4:45 pm *
7 am - 8 am  

4:45 pm - 5:45 pm *
Thursday 4:30 pm - 5:45 pm
School hols 3:30 pm - 5 pm
3:30 pm - 4:30 pm * 5:45 pm - 6:45 pm
Friday 5:30 am - 7 am 7 am - 8 am  
Saturday see Kingscliff    


State Junior Surf / Tri / Adults
Monday 5:30 am - 7 am
4 pm - 6:20 pm (gym)  
3:30 pm - 4:30 pm   6 pm - 7 pm  
Tuesday 5:30 am - 7 am
4 pm - 6:20 pm (gym)
3:30 pm - 4:30 pm    
Wednesday 4 pm - 6:20 pm (gym)   3:30 pm - 4:30 pm   5:30 am - 7 am  
Thursday 4:30 pm - 6:00 pm   3:30 pm - 4:30 pm 5:30 am - 7 am  
6 pm - 7 pm  
Friday 5:30 am - 7 am


Saturday 8 am - 10:30 am (gym)   10 am - 11 am    

Tweed Heads South

  State Junior Surf / Tri / Adult
Monday   5 pm - 6 pm *  
Tuesday 5:30 am - 7:30 am 6:30 am - 7:30 am  
Wednesday 5:30 am - 7:30 am 6:30 am - 7:30 am
5 pm - 6 pm *
Thursday 5:30 am - 7:30 am 6:30 am - 7:30 am  
Friday 5:30 am - 7:30 am 6:30 am - 7:30 am  
Saturday 7 am - 9:30 am 8 am - 9:30 am  

Other programs

Adult Swim Fit

It's easy to see why so many people consider swimming to be the ideal exercise. It can be an effective full body workout on its own or as part of a cardio resistance workout. Plus the buoyancy of water means that your muscles, tendons and joints do not get worn out by excess movement, making it suitable for everyone.

These sessions will help to develop swimming and water skills along with strength and endurance in the water. Designed for those who are, confident lap swimmers of all ages and fitness levels.

Technique and encouragement is provided by coaches to reach personal goals and achieve fitness results. The added advantage when training in a group is that participants are required to continuously challenge their own ability.

So whether you’re training for fitness or age-group world championships, you will see and feel the benefits.