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TRAC Return to Swimming in a COVID Safe Environment

According to the scientific literature from Swimming Australia, there is no increased risk of contracting COVID-19 from swimming in chlorinated pools.

TRAC staff have developed facility safety protocols around the commencement of swimming and have completed training to ensure NSW Health guidelines are followed for a COVID safe environment.

The swimming squad structure at TRAC is a multi level program that has been developed to provide all members of the community with the opportunity to enjoy the sport of swimming whilst providing an athlete pathway for more serious swimmers wanting to compete at national level.

The programs are designed to be able to provide swimming instruction and training for a diverse range of swimming disciplines including; general stroke correction, competitive pool swimming for both the NSW Schools and Swimming Australia systems, Surf Live Saving, Surf Sports, Open Water, Triathlon, Ocean Swimming, Water Polo and Masters Swimming.

Our head swim coach, Gavin Urquhart and his team provide a broad range of swimming squad programs designed to promote a structured progression for swimmers across our 3 centres - Murwillumbah, Kingscliff and Tweed Heads South - focusing on the fundamentals of swimming.

Gavin Urquhart has an extensive knowledge of swim coaching with:

  • 20 years swimming coaching experience including;
  • 13 years age group coaching,
  • 3 years national open coaching,
  • 2 years Malaysian National Head Coach,
  • 4 years Indonesian swimming consultant to the Head Coach

Many of our young swimmers have progressed through to the squad program after finishing the final level of the TRAC learn to swim school and they continue to swim at competition level either in the pool or the surf.

The squad program is divided into three tiers:

  1. Developing Sharks - improving the technique and fitness of the young swimmer.
  2. Emerging Cadets - inceasing aerobic endurance with increased workload and emphasis on stroke technique.
  3. Competitive Seniors - striving to compete at state and national level.

Swimmers move through these levels based on their abilty in the water and also on the application of training principles. Our primary goal is to develop skills and improve endurance in the water.

All swimmers are encouraged to participate at swim club level or at local surf clubs and triathlon clubs to further develop their skills.

For local club information visit:

Murwillumbah Swimming Club (external link)

Kingscliff Swimming Club (external link)

Tweed Valley Triathletes (external link)

Cudgen Surf Lifesaving Club (external link)

Cabarita Surf Lifesaving Club (external link)

Adult Learn to Swim

As an adult, you may decide to learn to swim for many different reasons and the process may be quick or slow, just as it is for children.

There are a number of reasons that adults make the decision to learn to swim:

  • improving fitness and health (swimming is a low impact activity)
  • personal satisfaction
  • overcoming a past trauma
  • opportunity to learn something new
  • personal safety in aquatic environments
  • enjoying water with your grandchildren.

Adult LTS classes work on the basic principles of teaching freestyle, as this tends to be the stroke most adults want to learn. Other strokes can be explored and developed if the group is willing and capable of moving forward.

Initially swimmers will be taught to submerge and blow bubbles, they will learn about their body’s buoyancy in the water both on the front and back and about recovering from those positions. Swimmers will then move onto gaining a streamlined body position, the kick and arms. Breathing and timing issues will be refined last.

Classes are held in the indoor 15 metre pool, which is purpose-built for learning to swim. Goggles are recommended for all swimmers, all other equipment is provided.

We will provide you with a program where you:

  • will feel safe with the instructor
  • where you will remain in control while learning
  • will feel supported when help is required
  • will feel confident to know how your body works in the water.

Adult Stroke Correction

It's never to late to learn and never to late to improve!

Our program offers the individual an opportunity to focus on developing their swimming strokes and breathing techniques with an encouraging coach that will guide you to becoming more confident in your own ability. Many people reach an age when they are not sure of the aquatic environment but once you take the first step it will open up a whole new world.

If you are tired of being slow or having to rest every fifty metres this class is for you. Our instructors will analyse your stroke and give you advice on how to correct it by using drills that will improve your style as well as help to increase fitness and endurance.

The main focus in this level is on the freestyle stroke. Most participants will be aiming to improve breathing, efficiency of stroke and build stamina. Other strokes can be explored and developed if the group is willing and capable to move forward.

Why not join us now and enjoy the company of other like minded people.

Adult Swim Fit

It's easy to see why so many people consider swimming to be the ideal exercise. It can be an effective full body workout on it's own or as part of a super cardio - resistance workout. Plus the buoyancy of water means that your muscles, tendons and joints do not get worn out by excess movement as they would on grass, concrete, or other hard surfaces, making it suitable for everyone.

These sessions will help with developing swimming and water skills along with strength and endurance in the water. Designed for those who are confident lap swimmers of all ages and fitness.

Technique and encouragement is provided by coaches to reach personal goals and achieve fitness results. There is always an added advantage when training in a group as participants are required to continuously challenge their own ability.

So whether your training for fitness or age group world championships you will feel the benefits.

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